What We Do

We care for the patient as though they are our own family.

Integrity Therapy Services was established in 2019 to deliver a new approach to quality care along with quality of employment. We are a therapist owned and operated therapy staffing company. Whether you are a provider looking for a company that will provide the highest patient advocacy to your patients or clinician looking for employment that wants to feel as if your part of a family, you can be confident that we have a solid understanding of the desires and concerns that you may have. We at Integrity Therapy Services believe in investing in our clinicians to propel them to be the best in the field. Along with having open minds and hearts to provide the upmost quality care to return patients to their prior levels.

Set The Standard

At Integrity Therapy, we wake up every morning with the goal of setting the standard in clinical treatments and documentation. As clinicians, we have been trained that if it isn’t documented, then it never happened. Behind the scenes, we have clinical personnel checking documentation before it gets processed. When we partner with agencies, we know and understand that we become an extension of that agency. Delivering nothing but the highest level of clinical write ups, evaluations and progress notes each and every time. We train and promote point of care treatments and bringing the patients into their plan of care. We know that if the patient is involved in their plan of care, they are more driven to demonstrate increased functional outcomes and faster achievement when it comes to their goals.

Lead with Empathy

As clinicians, we are blessed and cursed in our field. Every day we come to work we are guaranteed to see something different. It can range from seeing a patient take their first steps after a surgery, to telling a patient they have reached maximum potential. Each of which needs to include empathy. Every person that we treat, see and are involved with will be treated as family. Delivering patience, love, situational understanding and skilled services, all of which is geared towards that patients independence with functional mobility and the return to a functional status that exhibits independence.

Stronger Together

Home-care is like a section of rope. Therapy is just a piece of that rope, entwined with many other sections. At Integrity Therapy we believe we are all stronger together. When all parties including the caregivers, the nursing staff, the doctors and the therapy team communicate, the patient benefits. Their functional outcomes are better, they become more driven, their health improves and their length of stay on therapy is shorter. Shorter rehab means returning to prior level of function faster. Communication is the key when it comes to Home Health and Rehab. All parties involved in the patients care need to be on the same page.
Our enhanced professionalism of care….


Integrity Therapy provides advanced treatments & tech that help patients reach their fullest potential outcomes.

Home Health

Integrity Therapy provides assistance and care for its patients right in the comfort of their own home.


Integrity Therapy provides support for patients and caregivers with compassionate end of life care.